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  1. Fellow Countrymen, Read Future Ohio Governor Charles Anderson’s Lost Gettysburg Address

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    December 15, 2015 by bbutler1969

    Consider your audience. Keep your message simple. Make a connection with your audience. Appeal to their emotions. Leave them wanting …
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  2. Who was Mildred Wirt Benson?

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    December 10, 2015 by jillclever

    Mildred (Millie) Benson was the real name of the original Carolyn Keene of Nancy Drew fame. The first of these …
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  3. A Holy English Island Is The Home Of The Lindisfarne Gospels

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    December 2, 2015 by bbutler1969

    The Lindisfarne Gospels has been heralded as the oldest surviving English version of the gospels and the finest surviving illuminated …
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