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July 21, 2014 by amydawson2014

Kelvin smith library

Special Collections Colloquium

Organized by: Kelvin Smith Library at Case Western Reserve University
Presented in collaboration with: River Campus Libraries at University of Rochester,
Vanderbilt University and Washington University in St. Louis Libraries

For most of their history, academic library special collections concentrated on the cultivation, acquisition and preservation of gifts. Particularly because of the advent of digitization, over the last ten-to-fifteen years there has been an increased emphasis on increasing local and international exposure and access to special collections. While many libraries have been focusing efforts to increase significantly the exposure of their collections to a wider audience, there are still many special collections that are not yet fully discovered.
This national colloquium will explore some of the factors that governed the growth and use of special collections of the past, as well as current and emerging challenges for special collections in the future. How can libraries and university faculty work together to educate students to become more aware of the hidden treasures that are available on their own campuses, and to gain a lifelong appreciation for them? How can collections from individual institutions work together to create a robust whole from the parts? How can scholars, libraries, potential donors, and collectors come together to forge new partnerships to employ these valued collections to advance knowledge and scholarship—particularly in a digital age? This colloquium will be a seminal event in acknowledging the historic strengths of special collections of the past, and for speakers and participants to chart a course for the next decade and beyond.
The program will begin mid-day on Tuesday, October 21, and conclude at the end of the day on Wednesday, October 22. Throughout the colloquium, attendees will be encouraged to enrich the dialog through a variety of means, including question-and-answer and talk-back sessions during the moderated discussions, placing post-it notes with comments on a designated board, and electronically expanding the dialog via Twitter feeds and a conference blog. The thoughts of the attendees will be compiled and summarized during the colloquium.
This program should be of great interest to senior library administrators, special collections librarians, serious book collectors, scholars (including faculty and students), and rare book and manuscript booksellers and auctioneers.
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Featured speakers will include:
Note: All speakers listed are confirmed, but presentation titles and abstracts are subject to modification.
Opening Keynote: “Whence to Where?” Sarah Thomas (Vice President, Harvard Library and Roy E. Larsen Librarian for the Faculty of Arts and Sciences) will set the context for the Colloquium by providing a high-level overview of the major issues that faced special collections, rare books and manuscript librarians in the past, significant concerns today, and some possible directions for the future.

“Exploring the Past: Everything Old is New Again.” Alice Schreyer (Interim Library Director and Associate University Librarian for Area Studies and Special Collections, University of Chicago Library) will discuss the enduring value of special collections and the book and explore how they influence collectors, librarians, and researchers today.

“Considering the Present: Special Collections are the Meal, Not the Dessert.” Jay Satterfield (Special Collections Librarian, Dartmouth College) will consider issues such as preserving and revealing the artifact, understanding the role and limitations of digital surrogates, elevating the importance for collecting rare books and manuscripts, revealing physical collections through digital scholarship, and collecting issues in a time of transition, including collection scope and means to determine the optimal collections to meet institutional academic needs.

“Provoking the Bear: the Future of Special Collections in an Age of Digital Scholarship.” Stephen Enniss (Director, Harry Ransom Center, University of Texas at Austin) will explore the future of the book as object: how will it look, how will it be collected, and what should we begin to collect and preserve today to ensure its longevity? He will also examine the emerging role and value of special collections in a world of digital scholarship, and how digital scholarship techniques can complement and advance the use of manuscripts, rare books, and other archival materials in all formats, including images, art work, and audio and video files.

Closing Keynote: “The Once and Future Special Collections.” Mark Dimunation (Chief of the Rare Book and Special Collections Division, Library of Congress) will take a look at what have we learned from the past, what we need to change to advance the value of special collections materials (including how we can expand access as the library begins to acquire materials in new formats), the most significant obstacles in our path, and the most promising solutions for the next few years and decades.

Panels will include:
“Acknowledging the Past”
Moderator: Joel Silver (Director and Curator of Books at the Lilly Library, Indiana University)
Bookseller: Ken Lopez
Collector: Paul Ruxin
“Where are We Today?”
Moderator: Geoffrey Smith (Head of the Rare Books and Manuscripts Library, The Ohio State University)
Auction House: Selby Kiffer (Senior Vice President, Sotheby’s)
Collector: Jon Lindseth
Librarian: Jim Kuhn (Joseph N. Lambert and Harold B. Schleifer Director, Rare Books & Special Collections, University of Rochester)
Scholar: Christoph Irmscher (Provost Professor, George F. Getz Jr. Professor in the Wells Scholars Program, Wells Scholars Program Director, ¿Indiana University)
“Special Collections in an Age of Digital Scholarship”
Moderator: Dan Cohen (Associate Professor, Department of History and Art, Case Western Reserve University)
Bookseller: Tom Congalton (Owner, Between the Covers Rare Books Inc.)
Librarian: Athena Jackson (Associate Director, Special Collections Library, University of Michigan)
Librarian: Melissa Hubbard (Team Leader, Special Collections and Archives, Case Western Reserve University)
Scholar: Gerald Early (Merle King Professor of Modern Letters, Washington University, St. Louis)

Check back soon: This website will be continuously updated with the latest colloquium details. For more information, email KSL-mail@case.edu or call (216)368-2992.




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